Overworld Heroes Has Been Announced!

We’re incredibly excited to give the world it’s first look at Overworld Heroes, a randomizer adventure game. Here are some fast facts that you need to know:

What is Overworld Heroes?
Overworld Heroes is an action adventure, inspired the popular “Randomizer” mod genre! Each run will shuffle enemy placement, puzzles, treasure chest rewards, dungeon layouts, and most importantly, the order you complete the Overworld’s various objectives and locations!

  • Chorreth, the God of Disarray will not go down without a fight, and he will change the world every time you try to take him on. The loot, the dungeons, the environment, and even the order of your adventure will shift and change!
  • Explore a variety of dungeons that are a classic mix combat, exploration, and puzzle solving! With each random shuffle, no two dungeons will ever be the same!
  • Fight through different runs, and progress the story! Unveiling the mystery behind Chorreth’s rein of terror, and learn how you can defeat him.
  • Unlock different champions with diverse skills by discovering secrets and completing story objectives. Play as the defense-heavy Paladin, the speedy Assassin, or even as “the Mortal”, a respawn-less character!

When’s it coming out?
No release date has been announced, but expect it to release in mid-to-late 2022!

Can I get my hands on it early?
You bet! We’ll be doing a number of technical playtests and betas in the coming months. Stay up to date via the game’s discord!

I’m part of the press/streaming community!
You can view our Press Kit for more resources.

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